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“Carmel Total Fitness is an awesome gym! You will see people of all fitness levels just trying to become the best version of themselves, with no one passing any judgement on you. As a matter of fact, I have only seen people encouraging each other. And if you are looking for a knowledgeable and encouraging personal trainer, I highly recommend Rick Decker. I have been working with Rick for two years and have seen excellent progress. He is the best!” Ron S. / CTF Member

“Customer satisfaction and impeccable service provision are two prominent aspects at CTF that come to mind if you ask my opinion”…. “Creating such an atmosphere requires a dedicated team which is lead by Scott and Sean. Your expectations in a gym will be met, from choice of equipment, cleanliness, availability of group or personal training to hours of operation”….”a true example of the service quality that CTF provides for their members. Thank you CTF, keep up the great work. Your customers do appreciate it.”

~ Thomas W. / CTF Member

Incredible story of strength, inspiration and overcoming adversity from one of our own CTF Members. Her ownership and perseverance in and outside of the gym, along with guidance from friends and “family” ❤️ who are also CTF Personal Trainers, led her to triumph over weight loss. Her personal journey is remarkable. Watch CTF Personal Trainer’s Claire Moyer, Zach Pello and news anchor Anne Marie Tiernon @annemarieteirnon from WTHR-TV speak with Bridget and talk about nutrition, tracking and “sticking to it.” You can see more of this segment on WTHR Ch13 and online WTHR.com.

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“Thanks to CTF and Zach for all the support. This gym and the people here have boosted my motivation to keep going. My strength and confidence have rocketed and I never have to worry about what to wear…I get Zach’s memos!”

Cori C. CTF Member since 2017, IT Pro

“Inspired in June by the incredible results of @bridgemoyer, and with the guidance of my trainers @pellozach + @claireflaming at @carmeltotalfitness, I entered a calorie-deficit lifestyle. For three months, I documented everything that enters my body, I’ve weighed in every morning, I’ve photographed every day, from the horrific + humiliating beginning, through today.”

Johnathan E. CTF Member since 2009, Veteran Realtor

“The workouts started virtually and continued in person during the summers. The exercises with weights targeted every muscle group and boosted Moyer’s metabolism. Claire (CTF Personal Trainer) customized each session to include a push, a pull, a hinge, and a quad-dominant movement, and instead of focusing on numbers on the scale, she asked her to take pictures weekly.” Congrats Bridget

Bridget M. CTF Member since 2021,

Brian is a long-time CTF Member and recently won his division as IFBB Pro at the NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships in Las Vegas. Congrats Brian!

Brian W. CTF Member since 2014, Chiropractor / Rehab Specialist / Owner Indy Muscle and Joint

Thank you Carmel Total Fitness for your TXT – Ironman World Championship sponsorship! I stopped by CTF back in 2012, when I met the owner, Scott Visser. I had been in and out of a few gyms looking for something that would suit my clients’ needs in the area. Scott was the first owner of a large gym to offer a home for independent trainers like myself. I have trained and worked at many gyms throughout my life, and I can honestly say that this is one of my favorites. It’s a gym that has everything to offer but remains welcoming. The people and customers are hard workers, always nice, know each other by name, supportive, and truly arrive to this gym to be the best that they can be… If you are looking for a clean, non intimidating gym within the Carmel area, this is it. Come check it out!

Tatum Perez, CTF Personal Trainer / 2018 Ironman participant / finisher

“In just over 6 months I have lost 47lbs, lost over 27 inches, and gained confidence back I thought I had lost. This has all been possible because of Zach. He had helped me see past excuses, pushed me to be a little bit better, and truly believes in my journey. Either online or in the gym, Zach makes sure each client feels supported. This comes from his positivity and experience. He had helped me mentally, physically, and emotionally see myself in a more positive way. This was during an injury and rough time in my fitness journey. Having Zach as my coach during this time has been the best decision for my personal growth. You will not regret choosing Zach as YOUR coach.”

Kim D.CTF Online Coaching client

“I’m so thankful for my Personal Trainer Rick Decker and would not have been able to accomplish this without his and Carmel Total Fitness’ guidance. He’s definitely a top notch trainer who’s helping me get my life back :)! I’m now at 18.08% which is .9% away from excellent for my age (36yrs old)  The results came from 99% lifting/power lifting training and 1% cardio.”

Janet F. CTF Member since 2014

“CTF has helped me realize a dream of participating in fitness physique competitions. My CTF personal trainer was total invested in my positive gains. During my long hard road to the competitions he monitored my exercise programming and nutrition and continues to be my advocate and coach.”

Nigelle H. CTF Member since 2011

“The staff and management are super friendly and helped motivate me to keep coming in and keep going towards my goals. Their motivation helped me to become more confident to fix the things that needed fixing! THANKS CTF!”

Carmen V. CTF Member since 2014

“Curran (13) has been training at CTF for a few years and uses his training to build strength, speed and agility for his Carmel Middle School sports. Not only does cross training, lifting and cardio work improve on his track and cross-country performance, the gym also helps balance the stresses of school.”

Curran E. CTF Youth Member since 2013

“When I first stepped in to CTF nearly 3 years ago, I knew I would call it home. It’s certainly not an LA Fitness/Planet Fitness gym. I had done those gyms and hated them. Over crowded, judgmental and unfriendly come to mind. CTF completely changed my views on “gyms.” As a woman, it was very important to me to feel comfortable and welcomed when working out, especially on the weight room floor. The staff at CTF really encourages women to lift weights which is a breathe of fresh air. The other gym patrons are always respectful and even when I’m the only female in the weight room, I don’t feel threatened or unwelcome. This gym has a very different vibe. People come here to get a good workout, not hang out and “be seen.” From the time I started at CTF in 2014 to now, I can dead lift and squat over 200 pounds, something I had never dreamed of doing before. If you’re looking for a place to get a workout, better yourself and have an encouraging gym family, this is your place!”

Megan L. CTF Member since 2014

“Over the years, CTF and my Personal Trainer have helped me achieve my weight loss goals and a high level of conditioning to participate in half and full marathons which also allow me to get more enjoyment during my outdoor activities.”

Jim C. CTF Member since 2005

“I came to CTF just looking to drop some weight to be more active with my young kids, but I got so much more! After getting bored with just doing the treadmill, I hooked up with Rick, my personal trainer and he helped me get to my goals much quicker than if I had been on my own. The workouts were put together for me and all I had to do was follow them. Now I am able to get down on the floor plus play outside with my kids without feeling tired and run-down, THANKS CTF!”

Edward D.CTF Member since 2016

“For more than 18 yrs. we have made Carmel Total Fitness a place where people of all fitness levels feel comfortable and welcome.”

Scott R. Visser Owner / GM / Certified Personal Trainer

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